Best Beeswax Metal Finish Products Reviewed

Beeswax in a bowl.

Beeswax is one of the most important ingredients in a number of blacksmith finishing products. In order to perceive how and why it is used in blacksmithing, you need to comprehend what happens when you forge a wrought iron or steel.

Forging is about heating the piece of metal.

When the metal is hot, it is easier to shape it. However, this process allows the metal to hold moisture within the unseen pores. It causes rusting and gives metal a very rough look. 

To prevent rusting, professional blacksmiths heat their metal objects in the forge to about 300 degrees. It removes the moisture fully. While the metal is still hot, they dip it in the beeswax and apply its layer. This gives their metal objects a kind of beeswax coating that prevents future moisture in the unseen pores and protects them from rust.

Instead of dipping the hot metal in the beeswax solution, some blacksmiths brush the beeswax over the hot metal and then buff out the excess. This strategy also allows the beeswax to seep into the pores of metal for rust prevention and seals it well against all kinds of long-term damages.

The use of both of these methods depends on the type of metal and object. Blacksmiths have been using these methods for centuries to protect their tools and products.

Here are a few top-rated beeswax products that give your metal objects proper rust prevention. Before using them, make sure the metal isn’t excessively heating.

GREENTER Pure Beeswax Block (Natural Yellow)

This pure beeswax block from GREENTER is great for those blacksmiths who deal with small cracks and voids in their metal objects. It helps fill those gaps and makes your objects have excellent rust prevention. The great thing about this block is, due to its colors, it doesn’t interfere with the other working finishes. If you are already using some other finishing type, use this beeswax block also for having a fair amount of prevention against oxidation.

It is a cosmetic grade version, therefore, it is utterly safe for cosmetic and medicinal use too in case you want to use it for home care products, not just as a beeswax metal finish.

Besides, no additives are used by the company; your metal objects will look natural. There won’t be any unnatural glossiness.

The GREENTER Company offers it with a 60-day easy return policy. But the first usage and the appearance of the wax will win your appreciation. You will notice how great the first coating only makes the metal look fresh and removes the tiniest scratches exceptionally well.

It is rather easy to use it too. Just apply it with a piece of cloth on a pre-heated metal piece. In case you are interested in having a tad shinier look, mix it up with mineral oil.


  • It has a natural, yellow color and it is without additives.
  • The company offers an easy return policy if you aren’t satisfied with the results.
  • The appearance of the wax and its coating are exceptional.
  • It has a faster drying time compared to other beeswax blocks in the market.


  • Re-application is required after some time, otherwise, it can make metal look drab.

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Texas Beeswax Yellow Wax By Shea Butter

We all know, all products aren’t created equal. And, this Texas Beeswax by Shea Butter proves it. Though its qualities match with other beeswax products, it has some specialties that make it win the hearts of professional blacksmiths.

For example, it gives your metal objects the most natural-looking finishes.

It doesn’t feel like there is any kind of finish or coating on them. It brings the true beauty of iron or steel out for all to see. When you or your customers touch the objects, they feel good as the objects become silky-smooth. Other beeswax products also highlight the natural finish feature but when you touch their coatings, the surface feels weird and rough.

Other than that, it smells like natural honey, and this is because it is 100% pure. Now, we don’t know whether you ponder it as a pro or a con, but the smell is temporary. 

These are the main reasons why many blacksmiths are turning to Shea Butter Texas Beeswax for a natural beeswax metal finish.


  • It is totally safe and great for fun and play, even for children.
  • You can use it as a primary protective coat; no need to use any other coating.
  • It doesn’t require an extra layer, as its main purpose is to highlight the natural look.
  • In a way, it returns metal somewhat to its original shade.


  • It takes a bit more time to melt completely.

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Yellow 1 Pound Beeswax Block from Stakich

It is a premium quality beeswax block that enhances the look and protects the metal for many years. Its coating doesn’t require constant maintenance. Once you apply it well and penetrate the deep holes, it provides a tough and durable barrier that prevents corrosion. Calling its coating a fully waterproof coating would be correct since its protective layer survives all kinds of humid environments. Its coating doesn’t let the humidity affect the actual look of metals.

This kind of coating also ensures much-needed durability to those products used in an open environment under direct sunlight or moisture.

It doesn’t let these factors deteriorate the quality and remain on the metal for longer periods.

If you create products like knives, chairs, jewelry boxes, etc in your forge that have both metal and wood components, the coating of this beeswax can be applied to both of them.

You don’t have to count on different types of coating. This beeswax block is great for every type of wood polishing imaginable too. It seals the wood efficiently, penetrate its grain, and make it look like a beautiful piece of art.


  • It feeds and nourishes metal objects in a very unique manner.
  • It can be used for wood polishing too.
  • The coating is incredibly hard that suits the rough usage of metal objects.
  • You can use it over other types of coating too.


  • Adding more and more coats can darken the color of the metal/wood.

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Your iron or steel objects can last for generations if they have a beeswax coating. They usually don’t require continuous maintenance if they are used indoors, but if you use your metal objects outdoor, or if your projects are outdoor items, waxing them occasionally will not let them expose to abnormal humidity and renew their luster, again and again, that will keep them from rusting.

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