Best Blacksmith Goggles Reviewed in 2020

Blacksmithing is an immensely interesting hobby and a very lucrative profession. However, it can be dangerous if you are not fully protected or don’t take seriously the potential risks, particularly when it comes to your eyes. Nothing’s more important than your eyesight, and the last thing you want is to permanently hurt your eye due to a rogue spark flying off your forge.

No matter how arduous it may seem, wearing blacksmith goggles is indispensable.

You should always be wearing them when at work. Recent statistics reveal that around 125,000 eye injuries occur each year in the United States, and 95 percent of them can be prevented with safety glasses. Therefore, as a blacksmith, it should be pertinent for you to buy the best safety goggles. They can save your life and prevent accidental injuries over and over again.

In blacksmithing, safety goggles can keep you from losing your eyesight, which is the top risk that professional blacksmiths face. Since when you work on the metal, teeny tiny metal specks fly in the air and damage your eyesight for life.

Furthermore, the forge also emits ultraviolet radiation that deteriorates your vision gradually. So, having eye protection of some sort is essential. All these below safety goggles are the best blacksmith goggles on the market. They keep you far away from all these dangers.

Lincoln Electric Cup-Style Safety Goggles

We recommend these for blacksmiths that work with coal forges.

They are a work of art by Lincoln Electric professional manufacturers and won’t ever let you down in the scorching heat of the coal forge. The company uses welding brazing cup-style glasses that give ultimate protection and give exceptional grip from all sides.

These safety goggles offer a great viewing area with lightproof ventilators that prevent fogging. For that reason, they are great for welding purposes as well. The only drawback in this Lincoln Electric model is it won’t fit easily over prescription glasses.


  • Fit tightly to your face.
  • Don’t create any fog.
  • Meet CSA-294.3 standards.
  • Include lightproof ventilators.


  • Not good for deep eye sockets.

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ALAZCO Black Goggles With 500mm Eye Cup

It has a very niche Mad Max Style frame that protects your eyes from sparks, spatter, and more. When we assess its quality, it feels like it is developed for official blacksmithing construction sites and industries. It provides a very tight fit and makes sure no light or tiny metal piece gets in. You can wear it comfortably for hours and won’t feel any strain in your neck or on your face.

Blacksmiths who work with gas forges count on them as these goggles are ideal for use with blazing applications too. It has 2 black lenses that give you the level of protection your eyes need in front of bright flames and sparks.

The elastic band also helps them stay in place; no need to adjust them again and again.


  • High-quality plastic frame.
  • Has a vintage feeling.
  • 2 black lenses for extraordinary protection.
  • The band gives a great fit.


  • They are not fog-resistant.

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Lincoln Electric Brazing Goggles For Blacksmiths

When it comes to protecting your eyes from flying metal particles, these Lincoln Electric blacksmith safety glasses work exceptionally well due to their design. You don’t feel them on your face as they provide an incredible field of view and provide air circulation through the optical chamber. The Lincoln Electric Company has met all the ANSI/ISEA standards in them too.

What is cool about these safety goggles is the frame is lightweight and it covers a great area of your face. Your eyes are utterly protected against dirt, debris, and forge heat. Besides, no light or heat gets in from the sides. It is ideal for long days on blacksmithing sites.

These Lincoln Electric goggles are also scratch-resistant.


  • Provides safety against dirt and debris.
  • IRS lens for eye protection.
  • The ventilation system reduces fogging.
  • The head strap ensures a perfect fit.


  • Not compatible with prescription glasses.

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HOBART 50mm Eye Cup With Optimal Eye Protection

Although, the 500mm dual cup lens is ideal for welding applications, and these safety goggles are promoted for professional welders, but they can be great blacksmith safety glasses too since the number-5 shade works quite well in front of forges; it gives you protection against the brightness of flames and makes sure your eyes aren’t facing the dangerous levels of heat.

This is also one of the most reasonably priced models.

If you are buying blacksmith safety glasses the first time, try this one and see how the safety goggles work. This will give you a pretty good idea regarding how blacksmith goggles work against metal particles, flame brightness, and heat.


  • Ideal for all types of welding.
  • Great facial and eye protection for novice blacksmiths.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Economical.


  • No fog resistance.

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Dewalt Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle For Blacksmithing

These top-rated gloves from Dewalt are for those professional blacksmiths who face heavy dust in the factories. They have used strong quality lenses that work even in a mine and protect you from harmful contaminants in the air. In addition, the lenses won’t get scratches easily; they are tough and you can use them without any trouble for many years.

The Dewalt Company has used ventilation channels in this model too that prevent fogging.

Apart from that, the ‘Easy Lens Replacement’ is probably the best feature of this product. It is almost impossible to find it in other models. In case you receive scratches on its lens, no need to buy a new model. Just replace the lenses with an easy clip attachment.


  • Made up of high-quality plastic.
  • Lenses can be replaced easily.
  • The seal around the frame is great.
  • 99.99% UVA and UVB protection.


  • In humid areas, it can fog up quickly.

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These blacksmith goggles are available and can be bought online. All of them are suitable for extended work sessions and filter out the harmful wavelengths from the forges that contribute to ocular disorders in the long run. Besides, they are tested by several professional blacksmiths and industry experts; all of them are satisfied by the kind of protection these safety goggles provide.

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